Token Shop!

samxmariex tagStaffNewsNews posted Fri at 14:11

The staff team is excited to announce that the token shop is now completely functional! We'd like to thank everyone for voting, and encourage you guys to keep it up!

What are tokens? 
Players now receive "vote tokens" each time they vote, which can be redeemed for special prizes in the token shop.

How do I use tokens? 
Do /tokenshop in game to redeem your tokens by selecting the prize that you would like. 

What can I buy from the token shop? 
Prizes include: In-game cash, diamonds, fireworks, nether stars, saddles, pets (dog, cat, horse), and monster spawners. (A day of fly will also be added to the token shop very soon.)

All players will be given /fly on Sunday, January 25th!
There will be a drop party Sunday evening as well!